Saturday, May 12, 2012

New Mortal Blog badge

Here's the new blog badge I just made tonight - what do you think?

The Mortal Blog by Dakota Banks

If you're interested in grabbing mine, copy the code in the white box below the badge and insert it in your blog where you'd like the badge to appear. You can make the badge smaller by changing the width in the code, currently set at 168px.

I love and collect book- and writer-oriented blog badges, with a link to your blog! If you have one I don't already show on the right side of the page, let me know by posting a link to your blog as a comment below or emailing the link to, and I'll be happy to post yours. ~♥~


  1. looks great, I'll post on my blog

  2. On my left sidebar with the follow the mortal path button now. My buttons code can be found here on my left side bar under my blog button if you would like to add it to your collection.

    Jackie B Central Texas

    1. Hi Jackie,

      Your button is now on my blog. Thanks.