Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Sale! All Mortal Path E-books $4.99!

My publisher, Harper Voyager, put all three e-books in the Mortal Path series on sale to celebrate the release of Deliverance, book 3. Regularly $7.99, they are now priced at $4.99 wherever e-books are sold. You can buy the whole series for $15, if you have an e-reader. I think you should run right out and buy an e-reader just to take advantage of this sale. I might even buy one. :-)

Of course, the lovely paperbacks are a great choice, too. At Amazon, they are part of the buy 4-pay for 3 promotion. Shouldn't be too hard to pick out three other books that have been on your list for a while and get Deliverance free, should it?

My thanks to my editor Emily Krump and my publicist Katie Steinberg, who must have had their hands in this little surprise for me.

Here's a sampling of places to buy Deliverance, but feel free to use your favorite store.

Buy Deliverance


  1. I'm afraid that Amazon charged $7.99 to pre-order customers, and $4.99 to anyone who bought it later. It wouldn't surprise me to find that they kept the difference!

  2. Amazon has a Pre-Order Price Guarantee that was in effect for Deliverance. Everyone who ordered from Amazon at the $7.99 will get the $4.99 price upon shipping. If your order was already in the shipping process (meaning your credit card had already been charged), you should get a credit card refund for the $3.00. If not, contact Amazon Customer Services.

    I was up during the night of the release and saw the $4.99 price pop up on Amazon while the book was still in pre-order status. There shouldn't be any problem getting the lower price. With other retailers, I'm not sure what their policies are, but I hope they would be the same.