Friday, March 30, 2012

Interview and Special Giveaway at Bitten by Books

I'm pleased to invite you to chat with me on the Bitten by Books blog on April 2nd. I'll have an interview posted, and I'll be replying to questions and comments all day and into the evening. (Whew!) Show up and make me work for a living instead of just lounging around in front of the computer in my pajamas. For all you know, though, I'll be answering your questions in my PJs. Hah! No video cams allowed.

Famous Swag Bag PLUS $50 gift card
The giveaway for this appearance is extra special. In addition to the popular, desired, and drooled-over Swag Bag (see photo), I'll be including a $50 Amazon Gift Card. It all goes to one lucky winner. As usual, the giveaway is international. You can RSVP in advance right here, right now and earn 25 extra points for the giveaway. You can't rest on your laurels, though. You still have to show up on April 2nd, post a comment, and mention that you RSVP'd.

Are you still here? Why haven't you clicked to RSVP?