Thursday, February 23, 2012

RT Book Reviews Praises Deliverance!

I'm very pleased with this writeup from Romantic Times Book Reviews!

RT Book Reviews

"Readers might not know this is the third title in a series, so subtle Banks is at providing comprehensive background information. The story is wonderfully unpredictable, full of breathlessly exciting action scenes. With a little bit of mystery, a troupe of interesting characters not lacking for depth and a very satisfying ending, readers will be hooked till the very last page, and then will rush to pick up the others in the Mortal Path series.

"Former demon slave Maliha Crayne has gone rogue, trying to save as many people as she’s killed. But someone wants her to get back into her old ways—by any means possible. When Maliha’s mentor goes missing and parts of his body start showing up in packages on her doorstep, she must decide whether to kill as directed, allow her friend to die or figure out how to rescue him. But with few clues to go on, and unsure whom she can trust, that’s no easy task." - Leah Hansen, RT Book Reviews

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