Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Deliverance: Great trailer & review!

I've been getting wonderful comments on the trailer for Deliverance: Mortal Path Book 3, with "one of the best book trailers I've ever seen!" being the most common. Who me, modest? Nah!

Check out the trailer, and if you're interested in a look behind the scenes, click here for information on how I put it together.

The first online review of Deliverance is available at SMITTEN WITH BAD BOY HEROES. It's a great review! Here's a preview:

"Deliverance transports us into another great adventure in Maliha’s quest for redemption.  In my opinion, Ms. Banks has created a second to none but far from perfect heroine in Maliha and really makes us care about her whether she’s successful in her quest. We really want her to succeed and fret when things don’t go right for her. The author's skillful characterization supports some of the most intriguing plots I’ve seen and this series is now one of my favorites, with this novel being the best in the series so far. 
Maliha is a mix between James Bond and Catherine Zeta-Jones in the movie Entrapment.  This series is full of suspense and adventures that keep us on the edge of our seat while Maliha and her friends unravel these schemes. The author’s use of mythology and historical events to supplement the story is brilliant." - SMITTEN WITH BAD BOY HEROES

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