Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Sacrifice Tidbit

Ho-hum. Midweek. I thought I'd liven things up by supplying a scene from Sacrifice that fits well in context but is a little strange taken on its own. Here goes:
Maliha arrived at Athens International Airport as naked as Aphrodite.

Clothed in a one-piece jumpsuit of the type used by airport employees, Maliha was held in an interview room in the airport security section. Considered an intruder in Grecian airspace with no identification and no flight plan, she was suspected of numerous things ranging from being a terrorist to staging some kind of celebrity stunt due to her uncovered beauty.

Facial identification software showed her to be one Marsha Winters, American writer of erotica. She was mildly insulted. Her Dick Stallion books had plots. 


  1. Hi Dakota,
    Love the last line. It's a zinger.

  2. LOLOL Dakota!

    I loved the excerpt, can't wait for the rest of the book! (the last line was a zinger!)

    Dottie :)