Thursday, April 22, 2010

Sacrifice - Mortal Path Book Two

Here it is! I just finished going through the page proofs for SACRIFICE, for release August 31, 2010. I think the cover's exciting, although I have to admit Maliha doesn't wear this kind of outfit when she's working, as the hardware would indicate. Definitely not those shoes!

There's a story behind the story, in this case. Bear with me and let me gripe a bit. My sister was suddenly admitted to the hospital last September. Her lungs were filling with fluid for some unknown reason, and she couldn't get enough oxygen. This turned out to be a long-term problem and is still ongoing. It was a time and emotional drain on me while writing SACRIFICE, and my editor Diana Gill was wonderful, working with me and allowing an extension of my deadline. No one hospital wanted to keep my sister long enough for the problem to be resolved. She was transferred every three-four weeks to another area hospital or skilled nursing facility, every time experiencing a setback in her health. At this time, she breathes through a trach tube and has lost her voice, but she will soon be stable enough to move into a nursing home. What a story! Hospitals passing the buck, so to speak, so that none of them individually would accumulate too much of a bill.

I guess I didn't need to burden you with that, but please take from it the really important part: my editor was terrific!!

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  1. Hi Dakota

    Sorry so to hear about your sister. Hospitals can be so difficult to deal with, and no one really wants to be held responsible. How horrible to be treated in this manner. Healthcare truly needs to change and I'm hoping in the near future, it will.

    I've got a post ready for tomorrow posting Sacrifice's cover art, if you have a blurb or anything you'd like added, please let me know.


    Dottie :)