Friday, March 13, 2015

Women's Mystery Month at Open Road Media

Ebook On Sale During March for $1.99

March is Women's Mystery Month at Open Road Media
and I'm delighted to have my book Burning Rose included!

Yes, that's me, Shirley Kennett - my real name. Here is some information about the book. It's a stand-alone.

An environmental journalist stumbles into the deadly world of mega-corporations
Burning Rose
is a gripping mystery from Shirley Kennett, author of the beloved PJ Gray series. The story follows Casey Washington, a freelance journalist with environmental convictions. When she lands a rare interview with Robert Gunner, CEO of World Power, a company building a controversial dam in the Amazon rainforest, she anticipates a personal triumph—only to have the story go terribly awry. Heads of other big corporations start dying in gruesome fashion, at the hands of a mysterious group known as “The Six.” Washington’s investigative instinct kicks in but her search is not made any easier by her improbable attraction to the reclusive CEO Gunner. Burning Rose is an eco-thriller full of puzzles and high-gear action with global consequences.

“Kennett writes with pace and clarity. If you’re hungry for vivid characters . . . your ship has come in!” —Kirkus Reviews

“Shirley Kennett has Hawaii-based freelance journalist Casey Washington grappling with a mysterious troupe called The Six— whose members have names like Wrongful Death and who seem to be behind a spate of CEO murders—and her own lonely heart.” —Publishers Weekly

“Lots of action keeps the characters on their toes as they travel the world. The exciting conclusion in the South American jungle leaves Casey with far more than an exclusive story. Readers who enjoy a good puzzle with pieces that never quite fit will have fun with this suspenseful thriller.” —Booklist

“[Burning Rose is] tightly woven, intricately complex and fascinating to follow the various plots that Kennett has successfully created. The finish of this book is dramatic and wonderfully satisfying. If you enjoy thrillers, Burning Rose, as the back cover says, showcases ‘Shirley Kennett at the top of her game.’ Unforgettable!” —Book Reader’s Heaven
"Talk about exotic characters! There are some in this book that will be giving me the heebie-jeebies for a long time. Most of the characters have a dark side, so that you can't decide whether they are good guys or bad guys right away. Imagination rules the day here. You have to grab on and not let go until the last page. The pace is breakneck and the stakes are high. This is an absorbing, very different read. It's like the author just went on a romp, and if you want to keep up, you'll have to turn the pages fast." ***** Amazon review

Are you still here reading? Click to buy Burning Rose!


  1. When will u be finishing ur Mortal Path series? Very disappointed fan...

  2. I'm also disappointed that the fourth and final book hasn't made it to readers yet. Other projects and family/medical issues have kept me from writing it, but I have a great synopsis for a story I think you're going to love. I'll get the writing done as soon as I can.