Friday, September 13, 2013

Free Review Copy of Honor's Journey

Author DB Ayers (a very close friend of mine, so close we have the same fingerprints) has released an indie book for kids. As with any indie book, promo is a tough go. Accumulating reviews on Amazon is an important first step, one that ♥you♥ can help accomplish. Doesn't that give you a warm and fuzzy feeling? If you haven't done your random act of kindness for the day, well ...

Have kids? Know anyone with kids? Ever been a kid? You can have a free review copy of Honor's Journey, suggested for boys and girls ages 9-12+. 

R.L. Stine says it's "a terrific read," and if you know anything about kids, you know who R.L. Stine is.

Set in the 1700s, Honor's Journey is the story of the love Native American twins (boy and girl) Hawk and Fox have for the only two horses their tribe owns, and what happens when their father makes a peace treaty that gives away one of the horses—and pledges Fox as the future bride of another chief’s cruel son.
Full of action, adventure, and emotional involvement, and sure to please both boys and girls.

Click here to get your free review copy,
your choice of Kindle, Nook, or PDF.

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