Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Watch out for Facebook Gestures

Don't be taken by surprise by one of Facebook's newest features: Gestures. From an article by Pete Cashmore, founder and CEO of Mashable: "Facebook is making sharing even easier by automatically sharing what you’re doing on Facebook-connected apps. Instead of having to “Like” something to share it, you’ll just need to click “Add to Timeline” on any website or app, and that app will have permission to share your activity with your Facebook friends. What activity, you ask? It could be the news articles you read online, the videos you watch, the photos you view, the music you listen to, or any other action within the site or app."

Once you've clicked "Add to Timeline" on any website, you need to be aware that every article you read there and every video you view (!) will be posted to your Facebook Timeline for all your friends to see. Whoa--too much information. You can avoid any potential embarrassment by not using "Add to Timeline" in the first place, or if you do, follow the directions in the Mashable article to control which friends track your online usage via this auto-sharing method. "Gestures" may be aptly named.

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