Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Software Giveaways

I stumbled across Giveaway of the Day, a site that gives away a different software package every day, safely and legally, directly from the manufacturers. Companies sign up to increase awareness of their products by offering a full download (not trial or demo) FREE for 24 hours. The benefit for them? You'll try a new product, hopefully like it and talk it up. The benefit for you? Obvious.

Software comes with no tech support, no backup CD, and no free upgrades to the next version of the program. Example: You download DoStuff 1.0 for free; when DoStuff 2.0 comes out, you don't get a free upgrade to it. Each offer literally lasts a day, so if you're late to the party. don't expect a piece of cake.

A wide variety of software is made available. I'm going to go out on a limb and say that you won't be interested in every day's selection, but if you find something appealing/useful/fun, you can save money. There's also a daily game giveaway. Don't get too excited; these are the kind of games that sell for $10-$15.

I recommend checking this out if "free" makes you tingle. This isn't a paid ad. It's just me, passing along a good thing to my friends--exactly the way Giveaway of the Day is supposed to work.

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