Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Dark Time Needs Your Vote (Please)

Dark Time's lovely cover has been nominated in a cover art contest! It would be so cool to win the cover art contest hosted by All Things Urban Fantasy! New for 2009, the contest offers up to five choices in each of fifteen categories. Voting is open from December 1-30. Seeing all these gorgeous covers collected in one spot is eye candy overload!

Visit and scroll down until you find Dark Time under Best Debut (New Author/Series/Standalone). You can vote in any/all of the other categories too!

Can I bribe you with turkey leftovers?


  1. Hi Dakota

    Welcome to the blogosphere! There are lots of authors here as well as reviewers, so you're in good company. Have fun! Looking forward to Sacrifice in June.

    Dottie :)

  2. Welcome to blogland Dakota, love the name of your blog! Read such great things about Dark Time on Dottie's blog, it went straight on my wishlist. I'm off to vote for the cover :-)

  3. Hey... Im voting right now!

    As Dottie said... Welcome to our Blogiverse!!! as a Book reviewer I am really happy to have you around =))) I LOVED Mortal Path and Sacrifice is a MUST on my TBR list!!!

    Hope yo see you around!!


  4. Welcome to the wonderful, sometimes pain in the butt, blogging world, Dakota.

    I'll have to go check it out. As for the bribe, *shudders, I'm turkeyed out, thank you.

  5. Hey Ms. Dakota! Welcome to blogland!!! I came from Dottie's place! She is terrific at getting the word out!!!
    I hope you enjoy it here!!

    **Bribing with turkey huh... I might have to induct you into what you can bribe with and they will come back for more, lol**
    Hope you have a great day!
    PS. I have added myself as a follower!

  6. Hi, all, it's great to see some familiar names here! Thanks friends for the support with Dark Time. :) Something interesting about DT is that it's really taking off in the UK. Right now it's #1 in Contemporary Fantasy on Amazon UK (varies--sometimes slips as low as #7). Does wonders for an author's ego.

    Okay, Cecile, tell me what I can bribe visitors with besides frozen leftover turkey.

  7. Hello Ms. Dakota and welcome.
    I love that book cover!



  8. Hi Dakota :)
    I voted for your cover last week.
    I'm so happy you have a blog.
    Merry Christmas,

  9. LOL!! Just come over to my place and take a look... Some hot eye candy can bribe some of us any day, lol!!! =) Hope you are having a great weekend!

  10. hi im sheila, looked for this book @ 6 months glad i found it had me hooked on the first couple pages, u have another fan cant wait for the next book, this one was F A N T A ST I C!!! loved it will be finding more of ur books to read very soon